Quikwit Foundation


Education, as a tool, can be highly effective in bringing drastic changes to the economy and helps to achieve equality. Statistically, the major reason for students to drop out of school/college is lack of funds to finance their education. As a solution to this problem, we sponsored scholarships and interest-free study loans to the most deserving students. 

Solar study lamps

In India, most of the rural villages lack sufficient power supply to fulfill the basic needs such as power requirement for irrigation, street lights, and education. Upon realizing this fact, we started giving out FREE solar lamps to school going children to help with their studies. We identify the most deserving beneficiaries in remote villages to distribute the FREE solar powered study lamps thereby encouraging the use of sustainable energy for fuel and lighting.

Women-only scholarships

Since women in rural India are still facing challenges thrown by men, and hence we thought of assisting them financially and academically to help them grow independent. As there are millions of women in rural India still aspiring for education, we developed our flagship program, Women-only Scholarship, sponsoring 100% scholarships to the most deserving women to pursue their education via Distance Learning Mode. 

raising awareness

Awareness camps are the best way to connect and understand people. We organize awareness camps in rural parts of India on broad range of topics such as sanitation, health, education, usage of toilets, child labor, child marriage, skill development, and usage of renewable energy. We believe these workshops take us closer to the people and would help us in making provisions for them by understanding their feelings and needs.

Skill Development

We organize skill development workshops across Karnataka for students and working professionals to enhance their professional skills. Students who are funded by us can attend the skill development programs. Professional trainers host the programs and the training imparted from the program could be used to grow in their respective fields. We do host vocational training workshops for women in rural parts to enrich their self-employment skills. -- free Job Site

Ideally, online job search platforms run on paid system, discourage small-time employers in the industry from posting jobs online. ‘Pushh’ gives power to small, medium and large corporations to post unlimited number of jobs and hire unlimited number of candidates, ALL for FREE! As usual, ‘Pushh’ remains free for job seekers! 'Pushh' was implemented to connect the gap between job seekers and employers, irrespective of their size. 

Notebooks & stationery 

Although the education is free in government schools, the students who enroll face a unique problem as they receive only text books but not notebooks to write notes and to complete their homework. Most of the children who join government schools come from very humble background and one cannot expect their parents/guardians to buy expensive notebooks and stationery materials half-yearly (or yearly) and this would severely affect their academic performance. To address this problem, we took the liberty to distribute notebooks & stationery materials to underprivileged children studying in rural schools. 

Student Bus Pass

Indian transportation system is still a mystery to most of the rural parts of India. The students, especially girls, who travel from villages to cities on daily basis, suffer a lot and usually face a lot of resistance from their families to discontinue their education owing to financial stress. To help them with this problem, we sponsor FREE yearly bus passes to school-going girls from rural parts thereby encouraging them to continue with their education.

Special spoken english

With our busy schedules in life, touring countries after countries, we often forget that we have a section of our society who needs help to move around at their own homes! The visually impaired pupils (blinds) may not be on the mainstream society but history has proven that if they are given a chance, they will reach farther heights. The mainstream education is geared for the sighted, relying on large classes, and printed books which leave the visually impaired struggling. Even though they are generally quick at reading Braille, they still need more time to make sense of what they read. In order to succeed in finding better employment prospects or higher education skills, there is a need to speak and understand English. To empower the visually impaired with English, we conduct free Spoken English classes using modern teaching methods to help them learn quickly. 

Teaching support


We all know, it’s no more a secret that government schools have severe shortage of teachers and it would take several years to fill the vacancy with the current pace. As this would seriously affect the academic performance of the children, we help them to overcome this problem by offering our teaching support for their benefit. We are not limiting ourselves to just government schools but, we also work with shelter homes, orphanages and homes for special children to provide quality education support to raise their confidence. 

Tree plantation


The best time to plant a sapling was 20 years ago. The next best time is NOW! – Chinese proverb. Trees are very important part of our planet and we can derive numerous benefits in planting the trees: from health to environmental impact, to economic and even psychological effects. Planting and then maintaining trees help in lowering energy costs, reduces pollution, improves surroundings with green ambience. As green color has soothing effect, it helps us to recover from strain quickly. With bundle of benefits, it makes some sense to plant trees. We plant trees and strongly recommend you to do the same!

elderly support


Currently, India houses more than 95 million people above the age of 60 and is expected to double in the coming decade. Life expectancy rate is on the rise with advanced medical facilities and it’s estimated that more than 8 million people are currently above the age of 80 years. Changing family value system, economic compulsions of the children, neglect and abuse has caused elders to fallout of the net of family care and end up with health problems, depression and loneliness. Most of the elders who live in old age homes are neglected and not properly cared. We, as a responsible organization, are trying to provide the warmth of love and comfort with proper medical care. We provide warm blankets and necessary medicines and also conduct proper medical checkups whenever required. 

Medical camps


It’s been 7 decades since India got Independence but, as a country we have failed to provide basic health care facilities/services to the citizens especially in rural India where people still die due to snake bites and pregnancy issues.  Remote and hilly parts of India are still largely disconnected from the main medical network and people travel miles (sometimes walk) together to reach the nearest dispensary. To cope up with this problem, we organize health/medial camps in rural areas to provide the necessary medical attention to the population. A general camp team comprises of general physician, pharmacist and assistant.